New Flag Bear Square

It’s the farms of Humboldt and the surf of Malibu. It’s the Z-boys of Dog Town and the mountain bikes of Marin. It’s Jerry Garcia on Haight Ashbury, it’s Jim Morrison on Venice Beach. It’s Dr Dre straight outta Compton. It’s The Dude. It’s the first medical marijuana state. It’s behind San Rafael High school at 420 in the afternoon. It’s Jack Hehrer, it’s Tommy Chong, it’s Carl Sagan, it’s Snoop and Cypress Hill. It’s weed, it’s wax, it’s crumble, it’s hash. It’s in blunts, it’s in joints it’s in brownies. it’s in vapes. it’s in marijuana.  It’s in California.  It’s Calfari.

At Califari, we wish to support the movement by raising awareness and creating an ever growing line of amazing, high quality art, clothing, accessories and more.  As our forward motion continues, please find our social media pages with more info and updates in the cannabis industry, including; articles on the history of cannabis, educational tips on growing through the different stages, 411 on the many different cannabis uses, great recipe ideas and even a few epic rock star interviews.  You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter and check out the blog right here on our site.

Join us and let’s help; build community, build momentum and build a snowman!  Califari is a way of life, a positive mindset, a movement amongst a growing culture for good.  Califari is open to be embraced by anyone and everyone.  We must become members of a new race for overcoming prejudice and prohibition, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations, but to our fellow men and women within the human community. Be here now – Live long and prosper! Recall what Bob Marley said more than once: “But If you know what life is worth, you will look for yours on Earth!”