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Hand made Cherry and Maple Locking Wood Luxury Stash Box is the ultimate box for the discerning Cannabisseur! This box is designed for rolling and features a Self Lifting Tray, Removable Dividers, Brass Lock, Quadrant Hinges that are each handmade by a California Artisan.


Box Features:

– A Mortised Key Lock. It has a attractive Polished Brass Escutcheon Plate and Skeleton Key that is Built to Last and keep that box locked up. The Mitered Corners are ‘Keyed’ with Maple spines. They add both Strength and beauty. The Custom Handle is also Maple.

-Biscuit Joints to attach the top of the Lid to the Sides, Front and Back.  The Polished Brass Quadrant Hinges hold the lid open at a approx 95 Degree angle.

Inside there is a Tray that Lifts when you open the lid. The Tray’s inside Measurements are 4 1/4″ X 8 3/4” and made for rolling the finest joints you possibly can with style and grace.

– Below the Self-Lifting Tray is a large section that is 10” Long, 7” Wide and 1 3/4” high. It comes with 2 dividers for the lower section that are snug, but Removable. You can also adjust how large or small you want each section. This makes this box a ‘Multipurpose’ Box. Not everyone’s ‘Treasures’ are the same size, but with the adjustable or removable dividers this does give the user many options. In a hundred years from now who knows what it’ll be used for.

  • The Box Measures 11 3/4” Long, 8 1/2” Wide and 4 3/4” Tall. Large enough to hold many treasures or a large something of value, but small enough to find room for on any shelve, counter, table, etc. Display it with pride.


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