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Product Description

Travel in style and like a boss with your new J Box King II carry case!  You won’t have to worry that your joints will get mashed up and damaged in your pocket or bag.  Our J Box King II model is our deluxe bad a$$ model.  It has a special section for your lighter that is separate from your joints to keep them in pristine condition for your smoking pleasure.  This box was designed for those folks that would like to consolidate their joints and lighter to one location so there’s no hunting for that when the time comes for sparking!

These boxes are of top quality being CNC machined in Colorado, individually lasered then hand-finished at our warehouse.  Lots of care and detail is put into each of these beautiful box.  After each box is manufactured by our amazing Denver based CNC team, the lids are then individually lasered by another awesome Denver based company.  The boxes then arrive in our Colorado warehouse where they are laid out and the finishing process begins!  Each lid and bottom is hand sanded to make sure all edges are smooth and feel good your hands.  We then go back through and glue each individual neodymium magnet so that your lid stays on tight while in transit or in your pocket.  Once the glue is set, each of these beautiful boxes takes a dip in our non-toxic mineral oil & organic beeswax mix to draw out the gorgeous, unique grain patterns of each box.  They are wiped down, laid out to dry and voila!

Our J Box King II’s come in 6 different exotic woods:  Chechen, Eucalyptus, Zebrawood, Bird’s Eye Maple, Granadillo and Cherry.

Rest assured that your J Box King II will be individual to you….no two boxes are the same!

If at any time, as the years roll on and you have used your J Box King II in your many travels, you feel that your box needs a finish refresher just follow the below directions to give it a little zing….

  1.  Make sure to wipe out any product or ash from the inner bays of your box.
  2.  Mix 1 part beeswax to 4 parts mineral oil and heat up in a small crockpot.  You want the beeswax to melt completely down and to mix in with the mineral oil.
  3.  Either dip your box into the mixture or wipe the mixture onto the box with an old rag.  Rub it into the wood on all surfaces.  You can let it soak into the wood for about 30-60 seconds.
  4.  Take a dry rag and wipe the excess off.
  5.  Let your box dry overnight and it’s ready to bling again   :)

Size of J Box King II:

  • Exterior:  5.375″ x 2.875″ x 1″
  • Interior Bays (2):  4.375″ x 1.125″ x 0.625″  (each)

Additional Information

Wood Type

Chechen, Eucalyptus, Zebrawood, Bird’s Eye Maple, Granadillo, Cherry


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