CBD + Delta-8 Products

After over a year of research and collaboration with our secret scientist from the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Califari has perfected a new line of Hemp based wellness tinctures that feature different blends of our favorite molecules including CBD and Delta-8 tinctures, CBG, CBN, and plenty of other products!


We have perfected these formulas to help you for very specific parts of your day.  We believe that these tinctures mixed with or with out a regular cannabis regime will offer the most perfectly balanced lifestyle to help enhance your mood no matter what the occasion! 


We have put deep thought and research into each one of these well crafted formulas, which we believe are the future of wellness products and the keys to:

  • Better Sleep
  • Less Stress
  • Increased Focus
  • Less Inflammation
  • Good Times


All of our 100% pure organic hemp is sourced and tested in Colorado and all of our Certificates of Analyses are available here!

Email us at Info@califari.com for any questions. We respond quickly!