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July 14th, 2021 NFT Update! 

We are thrilled to be launching our second installment of Cannabis Art Trading Card NFT's with our new gallery partners at where we will be dropping 5 of of our brand new Seedling Series Cards along with a Genesis Card and our brand new BNFT Card that will benefit The Last Prisoner Project!  Both our Seedling Series and BNFT Series Cards will be 1of 10 releases with only one being released now and the rest during our Fall NFT Gallery Tour or via "Magic Tickets" that can be discovered in Califari Cannabis Packaging!  This new release will be happening here:

The longer road map for our release can be seen here: 

Our Genesis Series Cards are 1 of 1

Our Seedling Series Cards 10 of 10

Our Flower Series Cards will be 100 of 100

Our Harvest Series Cards will be 1000 of 1000

Our first ever BNFT Card has art created by the one and only AnnaBelle Garcia - a super talented artist - who offers sublimely simple cartoonish art that shines a light of hope straight into your soul! The first BNFT Card is designed to benefit The Last Prisoner Project an organization built to free prisoners caught in the racist drug wars that we continue to battle. 

BNFT Card Series will be 10 of 10

This trading card universe is being built step by step and our next step is a traveling gallery that will attend several large trade shows during the next six months.  Beyond that Califari has begun a brand new series of multi media gallery shows at Brick and Mortar Galleries!  Live shows are back y'all so its time to combine our beloved Art, Music & Cannabis Trifecta!  Our events feature all of the above plus Gourmet Food Trucks!  

Joint us Friday July 16th from 6pm to 10pm. 62 Windward, Venice Beach CA

 Califari's NFT Drop Party Invite

 Califari NFT Drop Party Details


Califari is thrilled to announce the launch of our NFT Strain Art series!
On 4/20/21 we will be releasing our first 5 NFTs and we couldn't be more excited! These first five will be called "Genesis Cards" and will be the first in a series of Genesis Cards that we plan to publish, which will have unique functions and value within a larger Cannabis Trading Card Platform that is in development now.  Our first five will be released over on our Token Hits Bitski

To make this happen we have partnered with Merida Cap and plan to launch our new cannabis community NFT market on the site sometime in the future.  Regardless of any gamification, each of these Strain Art NFT's are unique works of art that feature the delicious trifecta of Cannabis, Art and Music. 

We are also excited to announce that a portion of the proceeds from our NFT sales will benefit The Last Prisoner Project, a charity dedicated to releasing non-violent prisoners who have been busted for cannabis and targeted by racially biased laws. 




 The First Five Genesis Cards

Grand Daddy Purple By Ron English

Grand Daddy Purple By Ron English has been created into an animated NFT that features unreleased music by the late great Bernie Worrell.  And yes it is indeed that Bernie Worrell from P-Funk/Funkadelic and The Talking Heads.  This Bernie Worrell recording was found in a set of "Basement Tapes" and then remixed by master producers, The Rondo Brothers.  Animation provided by Liz Sabol


Northern Lights By Simon Haiduk

Multimedia Artist & Musician Simon Haiduk designed, animated and composed the music for our Northern Lights NFT which comes to life in a most ethereal kind of way.  Simon has also created Califari posters for Blue Dream & Tahoe OG, his art takes us into the world of Power Animals and their spiritual effect on the world.

"I'm curious about our psychic connection to nature and the metaphysical unity of all life.  In my devotion to the creative process, I strive to find ways of producing art that inspires harmony between the Earth and its shared inhabitants.  I feel that our collective need and appreciation for nature unites us all. Each creation reflects an aspect of my life journey, thinning the veil between physical and metaphysical realities."  - Simon Haiduk


OG Kush by Jesse Hernandez 

Califari has brought OG Kush to the next level by turning on the engine & turning up the volume for a classic jam by Vinyl featuring Bernie Worrell & the Rondo Brothers for an all night cruise with Chief in his super dope green low rider. 

Jesse Hernandez (@UrbanAztec) is a visual artist born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is most widely recognized for his street art murals, vinyl toys, and diverse Illustration work. His style is known as Urban Aztec, a combination of graffiti and ancient indigenous culture. Hernandez’s artwork has been featured by Marvel, Warner Bros, DC Comics, WWE, Gears of war 4, San Jose Sharks, The Oakland Athletics, X-Box, Playstation, Sideshow Collectibles, Rockstar energy drink, Rolling Stone, Fandango, Juxtapoz, Run the Jewels, Oakland Museum, and the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Hernandez has shown art in galleries and museums around the world. He has also painted murals in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico city and Amsterdam.


Sour Diesel by Matt Leunig

Califari has warmed up the this old tractor driver with more fun animation from Liz Sabol. This time we needed to bring it all down home with our secret weapon The Wylie Woods Band.  Wylie is the kinda guy to put the diesel into the sour using his string instruments and friendly hill dwellers.  Sour Diesel has become such a Califari Classic that a sequel is in the green house now. 

Matt Leunig's early work consisted mostly of screen printed gig posters for touring bands and comic books but has since grown into all fields of illustration. His work has appeared in numerous publications, video games, music videos and art galleries.  Matt has done posters for bands like The Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Ween, Primus, String Cheese Incident, NIN, Eric Church, The Foo Fighters, Sweetwater 420 Fest, The Growlers, Van Morrison and many more! 


Pineapple Express by KAM

Buy the ticket and take the ride straight to tropical paradise when Pineapple Express comes to life with Vinyl's reggae grooves and the deft animation of Liz Sabol

KAM has been creating original artwork and killer design work for a few decades, originally making a splash in web design with cutting-edge, multi-media pieces and blogging before blogging existed. After conceptualizing and leading the design of the first South Park website in 2000, she left webwork behind to focus on illustration and creative direction, both of which she rocks out hardcore for Califari. KAM’s unique stye of drawing mixed with her sharp eye for graphic design elements and color always produce stunning results. 

KAM is a diversely talented force to be reckoned with and is also the mastermind behind Califari's Green Crack, Banana Glue, Miss USA, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Wedding Cake prints. 



Liz Sabol is an award winning jewelry artist and all around creative powerhouse and we are super stoked that she was a part of our first five.  Her animation chops were exactly what was needed to launch Califari's artwork into the next dimension.


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