Zoom Califari's Sour Diesel Toker Poker
Zoom Califari's Sour Diesel Toker Poker

Califari's Sour Diesel Toker Poker

  • The RETRACTABLE BOTTLE OPENER flips into the bottle of the Toker Poker seamlessly.
  • Soulfully Designed we source our premium Hemp Plastic from Detroit to ensure our products are built with the best materials. Our patented design keeps your Bic Lighter snug and fits in your hand like a dream!
  • The FOLD-IN POKER is for unclogging those… hard to reach places you seem to come across during adventures like: camping, music festivals, before good movies, before bad movies, after waking up in the morning, after putting the kids to bed at night, and you know, only sometimes at work.
  • The Poker is made out of stainless steel so you can burn off whatever residue may form while cleaning/unclogging the various glass objects and other filter shaped objects you may be building small campfires in.
  • The Built-in Stainless-Steel TAMPER/HAMMER keeps things packed down tight allowing your little mini-campfires to amber a nice cherry red. The trick is making sure you pack down your fire source loose enough for air-flow, but tight enough so that debris doesn’t pull through on you.

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