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Forbidden Fruit


Forbidden Fruit by Fernando Chamarelli

This tasty terpene filled strain is an indica dominant hybrid that won’t lock you in the garden per say, but you might want to chill for a minute and take some extra time to smell the flowers. This highly delicious bud needs to be freed in your bowl to release all the flavors from this Cherry Pie x Tangie cross that will create a fruit bowl of wonder in your cerebral regions!

This extraordinary art is from incredibly talented Brazilian artist  Fernando Chamarelli, who is bases much of his work on Quantum  Physics, String Theory and The Multiverse.

Chamarelli uses influences from civilizations of the past, present and future to exist simultaneously as characters full of color that inhabit the micro and macro cosmos. Despite the rationality and precision of physics, the observer travels to a surreal world created by intuition and creativity.

Chamarelli tries to use the universal language to communicate, through sacred geometry & symbols. Transmitting the message that everything is connected, and that in order to evolve, we must perceive our connection with other human beings, animals, nature, and the cosmos.

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