Zoom Califari's Golden Goat 13 x 19 Limited Edition Giclee Print
Zoom Califari's Golden Goat 13 x 19 Limited Edition Giclee Print

Califari's Golden Goat 13 x 19 Limited Edition Giclee Print


Califari presents Golden Goat by A.Belle

Califari is thrilled to be releasing a very limited edition of Fifty 13 x 19 Giclee Prints that come with a numbered Letter of Authenticity.  When this run sells out we will have the Golden Goat poster available as lithograph posters or printed canvas.  We highly recommend this Giclee Print - it is a bit pricier, but this deeply hued RGB image is printed with pigmented archival HDR Inks on Cold Press Natural 100% Rag. 

Golden Goat is a cross-bred Hawaiian-Romulan strains with Island Sweet Skunk. Despite its parents’ tropical origins, Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant hybrid that first blossomed in Topeka, Kansas after accidental pollination took place. It has been firmly entrenched in Leafly and High Times Top 100 Strains ever since. 

Califari was looking to create the Greatest Golden Goat Of All Time - so we reached for the stars when we recruited a beloved Burning Man Camp Mate to realize this notion! 

Golden Goat Artist - A.Belle is a natural world admirer, a reclusive Pacific Northwestern artist and a direct result of the experimental 60’s.  Under her childhood nickname, A.Belle, she creates whimsical ink cartoons, pop surrealist paintings, concrete sculpture, impressionist watercolor, and poetry in search of the imaginary worlds and our intimate relationships with them.  Being diagnosed with discoid lupus in 2015 led her to step back from a life of odd adventures to focus more on philanthropic work and big picture family projects of all kinds. 

The Golden Goat strain name bears resemblance to its appearance at harvest: fuzzy light green leaves and golden buds that sometimes bear a hint of pink. Its tropical fruit flavor comes with a range of smells from a spicy lemon zest to tangy, earthy, herbal notes.  It’s THC level is 23% (with a CBD level of about 1.07%), making it a reasonably potent strain. Its high can last up to two hours and it’s known to induce a relaxing sensation, uplifting one’s mood and inducing creativity. However, it’s been reviewed positively on a large scale as “exceptional” if consumed properly. Golden Goat won 3rd Place under “Best Medical Hybrid” in the 2014 Cannabis Cup from the Green Solution in Colorado where it’s become a local favorite.


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