Zoom Green Lantern 18 x 24 Screen Print by Matt Leunig
Zoom Green Lantern 18 x 24 Screen Print by Matt Leunig

Green Lantern 18 x 24 Screen Print by Matt Leunig


Behold The Mighty Green Lantern is upon us! Fantastic art by Matt Leunig and spot on printing by Backside Press! Big ups! Were so excited to be dropping this dope poster and Emerald Cup winning herb together!  A high class pairing of art and herb which is one of our daily basic goals - to bring you the highest vibes visually and herbally! 

Previously we have collaborated with Matt Leunig for design Sour Diesel and Blueberry which quickly became top sellers from our collection which now tops over 40 strains and counting.  Were blessed to work with some of the best artists in the business and proud to have built our Global Artist Network with mega talents like Matt Leunig. 

Matt Leunig's other clients include The Grateful Dead, Ween, Primus, The Sweetwater 420 Brewing Company and Festival, Widespread Panic, The Growlers, and so many more talented bands... His most recent release was for Jerry Garcia - so were proud to be in good company. 

For the Green Lantern Strain - it was extra personal for us to get this absolutely perfect because the grower Billy from Lantern Farms is an old Nor Cal pal that we have been gunning to work with for years now - especially since we go way back and also especially because Billy and his network have created a super power sativa - that will deliver a magical experience.  One Puff and you get a cerebral focus that will have you hammering out your next project... But two puffs or more and the Genie tends to leave the bottle and drop you off in your own magical garden. 

Green Lantern won The Emerald Cup Best Sun Grown category and rightly so - its a best in show kind of experience as are these limited edition posters from Matt Leunig.  These are signed and numbered and a one run kinda deal with 200 total plus a couple surprise prints - and we will offer a smaller lithograph version later this year.  For now we say you should move fast get yourself one of these black light reactive beauties before they are gone.  

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