About Us


Califari Founder and CEO, Jason McHugh, is on a mission to create great art for the Cannabis Industry in order to help both farmers and dispensaries across the land brand their cannabis with the highest quality designs possible, whilst being in compliance with all state laws that are constantly changing.  McHugh has assembled a Global Artist Network, who have created a body of work that offers turn key solutions for cannabis industry marketeers, who want to offer the finest in customer appreciation and collectable art.

Jason McHugh comes from a highly creative background with a BFA in Film from the University of Colorado and artist parents recently featured in MoMA; that has lead him on a path to work closely but not limityed to the following Artists:  Trey ParkerMatt Stone, Les ClaypoolPerry Farrell, Mark Grotjahn, Danny ZappinWard Robinson, Glasgow Phillips and many more of course.


Welcome to Califari, the home of world class cannabis strain art created for some of the finest flowers on Earth! At Califari we have an A-List Network of artists we work with to create the finest designs we can for world favorite strains both new and old! Califari Supply, the new arm of Califari, is now collaborating with businesses and individual entrepreneurs to create fancy packaging for the finest flowers, concentrates and edibles.Allow us to create specialized packaging solutions that offer fantastic marketing with highly stylized art targeted toward high class heads who demand quality. Califari is also your solution for legally compliant packaging that meets the latest standards that are changing frequently.


We are located in sunny Los Angeles, aka the Cannabis Consumption of the World.  We also have outposts in Northern California, Denver, Colorado and New York City and we welcome clients and shoppers from around the globe.


CALIFARI & Smartweed - The Dispensary is the new Gallery from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.