Califari Supply

Art Based Branding Solutions

Califari Supply empowers companies with turn key labels, packaging and marketing solutions! 

Califari was made for cannabis lovers and believes that what you appreciate appreciates! Califari appreciates the highest quality art, finely crafted cannabis and happy loyal customers, who keep coming back.

Califari has an existing line of 25+ cannabis strain art designs with new strain designs continually being added from an international network of professional artists.  The art is offered as posters and fine art prints and has been touring events, galleries and dispensaries.

Califari’s Collector’s Edition Packaging and Point of Sale Displays allows our clients to take advantage of this art series with short run specialty packaging that adds value and is ideal for strain based product sales of any kind.  We can create a cohesive art experience from the walls & screens to jars & point of sale displays that all work together to entice your customer with a memorable extra sensory experience.


                         Blue Dream Pre Roll Tins

                           Blue Dream Jar Labels

                         Blue Dream Mylar Bags


Welcome to Califari, the home of world class cannabis strain art created for some of the mightiest strains in recent cannabis history. At Califari we have an A-List Network of artists creating fine art designs for world favorite strains. We have created art so you don’t have to! All of our designs are available for product packaging and rebranding with your company name.

If we don’t have your strain yet, enquire with us. We probably will soon and/or we are always ready to collaborate. We are experts at product development from the ground up and open to creating works for hire.

Califari’s Collector’s Edition Labels allow our clients to do short run, specialty labels that add value and are ideal for Celebration Sales, Bud of the Month Specials and general Customer Appreciation.

Our commemorative packaging made with your logo and our art will be something your customer will keep and this will naturally remind them to keep coming back!

  • Specialty Collector’s Labels for Jars
  • Mylar Bags with Strain Art Labels
  • Pre-Roll Tin Boxes
  • Pre-Roll Cardboard Boxes
  • Pre-Roll Tubes with Reusable stickers

Chem Dawg Jar Label

Chem Dawg Mylar Bag


Califari Supply is now collaborating with businesses to create fancy packaging
for the finest flowers, concentrates and edibles.

Our Turn Key Art and Packaging literally just needs your logo and product to be
ready for market!

Allow us to create specialized packaging solutions that offer fantastic
marketing with highly stylized art targeted toward high class cannabisseurs
who demand quality.

Califari is also your solution for legally compliant packaging that meets the
latest standards which are changing frequently.

“We can print anything you can think of!"

• Point of Sale Display
• 1 OZ Flower Boxes with Mylar Bags (4 options)
• Variety Pack Boxes with Themes
• Gift Box with Jar with Reusable Sticker
• Pre-Rolls with Reusable Sticker
• Vape Packaging
• Edibles Packaging
• Giant Standees
• Anything you can think of….

If our Turn Key solutions are not meeting your needs...

We Can Print Anything you can think of!

Our Art + Your Logos = Custom Packaging

Let’s face it - most people purchase wine based on the label and the
price and for better or for worse that’s about to begin in the Cannabis
industry too!

Using our turn key cannabis strain art and your company
logo we can create instant and eye catching labels that will fly off
the shelf of any dispensary.

Meet with us to discuss your options

  • 1 OZ Boxes with Mylar Bags (4 options)
  • Variety Pack Boxes with Holiday Themes
  • 1 Jar Gift Box with Reusable Sticker
  • Specialty Collector’s Labels for Jars
  • Mylar Bags
  • Pre-Roll Tin Boxes
  • Pre-Roll Cardboard Boxes
  • Pre-Roll Tubes with Reusable Stickers
  • Point of Sale Displays

Pineapple Express Tin


Califari can make any cannabis driven event extra special with our pop up gallery that can be customized for your space and event.  No party is too big or small for us!

Califari is an ideal partner for an intimate dinner event, to your mid-size, multi-vendor gallery style fiesta and all the way up to your massive outdoor summer festival.

We can create an Art Experience that is customized for your audience’s engagement and guaranteed to make a memorable event, which is has become challenging in today’s competitive events market.

Here are a few ways we put the art in to your pARTy:
-Pop Up Gallery of any size or number of pieces
-Printed programs, menus and invitations
-Specialty oversize prints or standees for event art direction
-Artist “Live Painting” and poster signings
-Art Virtual Reality Demo’s - Enjoy art and then “Paint in outer space"


Northern Lights by Simon Haiduk from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.


Marketing Services

Original Naming & Branding Services

Whether you need a logo or a label or even just a logical process to create the right name for a new brand or plant variety - we are here to help.  Allow us to guide you through our certified creative process with our expert naming and logo creation services that considers all aspects of how your brand can best serve your company’s actual goals.

Video Production
The Califari creative team has an extensive video background that stems from producing comedy feature films, action sports videos, TV pilots, web shows, music videos and short films and all that now translates to helping our clients create epic videos geared towards today’s social media mindset. 

Here are a few recent shorts we created to represent our company vibe, which have been circulating on the APOP Network and have already received over 1 Million “In Dispensary Views.”


Blue Yeti Yonder:

CALIFARI Presents "Blue Yeti Yonder!" from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.


Let’s Thank Burton Eubank:

Let's THANK BURTON EUBANK! from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.


Julz Lynn Meets Califari

CALIFARI interview with Julz Lynn from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.


Roots and Harmony Farms Profile:

CALIFARI / Roots and Harmony Farm Tour from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.