Califari Cannabis

We at Califari pride ourselves on the utmost quality of our flower. We never use shake, trim or waste material for our pre-rolls. Most importantly, we are long-time smokers who will never sell something we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves or pass on to our loved ones. As cultivators first, our buyers are critical of the flower we use and the term “good enough” is simply not good enough.

  • Califari has developed long running relationships with our growers and we work closely with them to continuously refine processes.
  • We only use whole flower and we de-stem all buds before we shred the material.
  • We store all flower and finished pre-rolls in a climate and humidity controlled environment guaranteeing freshness to our loyal customers. We believe proper curing is the key to our growers success and it is obvious the instant our pre-rolls are lit.


Califari Emerald Triangle Cultivation Partners:

Buck n Ham Farms

Buck n Ham Farms is located somewhere in the hills of Laytonville and about a stones throw from the famous Spy Rock Road where many legendary strains and harvests have grown abundantly for forty plus years.  Buck n Ham was founded by the legendary Uncle Wayne who homesteaded his remote farm way back in the 70’s over looking pristine mountains and deep valleys brimming with wild life.  Uncle Wayne is what you might call an organic farmer who uses absolutely no pesticides and relies of tricks of the trade and good old nature to keep his plants healthy and happy all the way to harvest.  Uncle Wayne loves to use huge pots and grow full term plants that can reach up to 12 feet. He has pulled in some Emerald Cup honors over the years, but beyond that has kept a low profile just like so many of his friends and neighbors in the area.  We’re excited to finally give him the rock star props he deserves!  In 2018 we took Uncle Wayne’s Sour Lemon to market as delicious pre-rolls and we’re excited to follow up with one of his fancy hybrids again soon. 


Round Valley Farms

Round Valley Farms is way out in Covelo on the eastern side of the Emerald Triangle and run by our pal Wild Bill and his master grower Francisco.  In 2018 we released their mighty Angel Cake as pre-rolls and flower and we can’t wait to get our hands on more of that angelic strain.  Round Valley rocks and we look forward to strain hunting in their green houses again soon!


Humboldt Growers Network

Northern California’s Lost Coast is a wonderland of rolling hills and ancient forests, steeped in outlaw history. The place is the Bermuda Triangle of the West, shrouded in the mystique of the counter cultural revolution that has taken place here over the last 35 years. Humboldt County growers have set the international gold standard for quality in cannabis production. With  legalization, Humboldt County Network is moved by the same keen sense of urgency, a concern that Humboldt County small farmers, with their exceptional product, will be cut out of the cannabis trade. We are at ground zero. Our reputation is unrivaled. Our local genetics have dominated the world market for over 30 years.

Humboldt Alchemy Group

The Humboldt Alchemy Group is a collective of multi- generational farmers deeply rooted in the back to the land movement. We have had our hands in the soil since the 1970’s and we are set on evolving our craft and cultivation practices into California’s recreational market.  


Our deep roots in Humboldt have shaped our respect, courage, and integrity to choose collaboration over competition to build stronger cannabis communities and a healthier way to do business.  Humboldt landscapes are wild open spaces, clean water, and fresh air and we are inspired to work in harmony with the land and our farmers. By creating strong connections with our partner farms through sustainable sun-grown stewardship, we transform outstanding cultivars into high quality CO2 extracts and distillates.