Califari Music

In our very recent past, we have all witnessed the death of the record store and the birth of a brand new brick & mortar; the cannabis dispensary.  We mourn the days when we used to be able to hold glorious records and CDs in our hands and unwrap them to reveal simple things like liner notes, song lyrics and of course fantastic artwork that would help define the album experience.  But accepting the good with the bad, we now revel in the reality of legal cannabis, where we can freely choose from any given dispensary an amazing array of fine cannabis goods.   We decided that Califari customers should be able to enjoy the best of both worlds and that fusion brings new opportunities for musicians too. 

The cannabis market has created a unique opportunity for artists to create additional revenue streams for their album releases and tours. Since the digital music revolution decimated the record industry's brick and mortar experience, Califari is bringing it back through dispensaries. 

We worked with Mikey Mike for our first cobranded pre roll/music release. Within each box, Califari crafted a unique blended pre-roll to accompany a physical print out of song lyrics with four digital tracks. Together, we’ve simulated the physical album experience through cannabis

We are super excited to partner with more artists and already have some exciting things in the works!  In the meantime, go listen to Mikey Mike's Life on Earth because it's super dope!