Califari Supply is now collaborating with businesses to create fancy packaging
for the finest flowers, concentrates and edibles.

Our Turn Key Art and Packaging literally just needs your logo and product to be
ready for market!

Allow us to create specialized packaging solutions that offer fantastic
marketing with highly stylized art targeted toward high class cannabisseurs
who demand quality.

Califari is also your solution for legally compliant packaging that meets the
latest standards which are changing frequently.

“We can print anything you can think of!"

• Point of Sale Display
• 1 OZ Flower Boxes with Mylar Bags (4 options)
• Variety Pack Boxes with Themes
• Gift Box with Jar with Reusable Sticker
• Pre-Rolls with Reusable Sticker
• Vape Packaging
• Edibles Packaging
• Giant Standees
• Anything you can think of….

If our Turn Key solutions are not meeting your needs...

We Can Print Anything you can think of!

Our Art + Your Logos = Custom Packaging

Let’s face it - most people purchase wine based on the label and the
price and for better or for worse that’s about to begin in the Cannabis
industry too!

Using our turn key cannabis strain art and your company
logo we can create instant and eye catching labels that will fly off
the shelf of any dispensary.

So let’s take a meeting… (link this to contact us)

1 OZ Boxes with Mylar Bags (4 options)
Variety Pack Boxes with Holiday Themes
1 Jar Gift Box with Reusable Sticker
Specialty Collector’s Labels for Jars
Mylar Bags
Pre-Roll Tin Boxes
Pre-Roll Cardboard Boxes
Pre-Roll Tubes with Reusable Stickers
Point of Sale Displays

Pineapple Express Tin