Califari CBD Plus - Where Art Meets Science!

Califari Nutraceutical Tinctures have arrived and are ready to enhance your day! 

  • Four Magical Formulas featuring CBD, CBG, CBN + Delta-8 THC
  • All Hemp Flower Extracts
  • All Natural Cannabis Terpenes


Four Formulas to enhance your day:

After over a year of research and collaboration with our secret scientist from the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Califari has perfected a new line of Hemp based wellness tinctures that feature different blends of our favorite molecules including; CBD,CBG, CBN & everyone’s new favorite Delta-8 THC!  We have perfected these formulas to help you for very specific parts of your day.   

We believe that these tinctures mixed with a regular cannabis regime will offer the most perfectly balanced plant based regime to help enhance your mood and feel good no matter what the occasion!


Sour Diesel Good Morning Formula

Califari's Sour Diesel Good Morning Formula will start your day right with an even mix of CBD + CBG that’s perfect with your morning coffee or tea. This THC Free tincture will help you start your day with clarity and focus.



MAC-1 Creative Formula

The MAC-1 Creative formula is a bold mix of CBD + CBG + CBN & Delta-8 THC that is designed for focus and creative output when you need to get the juices flowing and tasks done.


Blueberry Chill Bear 420 Formula 

Blueberry Chill Bear 420 Formula says it all in the title! This mix of CBD + CBN & Delta-8 THC are perfect for anytime you want to chill out, but maybe it's not convenient to smoke or you need more than just THC...   Please note that this Chill Bear Formula will enhance any Sesh with extra CBD & CBN that you don't usually get much of in your average flower and offers plenty of relief on its own. 


Northern Lights Sleep Time Formula

Northern Lights Sleep Formula also mixes CBD + CBN + Delta-8 THC to create a tincture that is ideal for regulating and enhancing a deeper more restful sleep that offers subtle results immediately and noticeable results after about seven days of consistent use. 


 Califari Nutraceutical Gummies Coming Soon!