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Zoom Angel Cake

Angel Cake


Angel Cake is a heavenly sativa hybrid with genetics inherited from Cookies and Fire OG. This herb offers sweet cheesy and vanilla undertones that will make you say Hallelujah and may provide some uplifted euphoria, creativity, appetite gain with some pain relief and an all around ideal medicinal strain.  It was one of Califari's favorite releases from 2018 and we can't wait to carry it again! 

This slice of Angel Cake Art was designed by Savvy Surreal, an artist with a traveling heart, who loves to explore the natural beauty of earth and the furthest reaches of her mind, to find all the curious creatures that dwell there.

Savvy says:  The imagination is a living, breathing portal to all existing realities. Anything that the mind can conjure, any place it can visit, is alive and well in this vast multiverse of sentient beings from worlds within, and beyond our human perception.

Savvy truly infused spirit into this strain art and we're honored to offer it! 

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