Zoom Cherry - 13 x 19 Poster
Zoom Cherry - 13 x 19 Poster

Cherry - 13 x 19 Poster


Cherry Thai is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Cherry Bomb with Oregon Purple Thai. This delicious combo of flavors and effects makes Cherry Thai absolutely perfect for the hybrid lover who wants a kicked back high with long-lasting effects that won't lock into the couch all day.

The Cherry Thai high hits both mind and body with a high level of potency, with tingly effects that will have you feeling vibrant and slightly aroused at times. Crush your aches, pains and worries too with this strain and get to that lifted and euphoric mental plateau where your spiritual rubber hits the cerebral freedom highway. 

This bud has an herbal essence with a cherry diesel exhale that turns savory upon exhale. The aroma is of earthy diesel and flowery berries with a rich cherry overtone that turns spicier and spicier the more that you toke.

Califari is proud to present the work of up and coming artist Tais Nonato, who lives in Brazil and landed her first professional gig by creating this excellent Cherry Poster for us that were thrilled about.  Stare into the eyes of Cherry too long and you may become mesmerized and permanently pulled into her fixed gaze that will leave you in a happy daze where nothing will phase you.  At least thats how we feel after a solid Cherry Sesh! 

Here is more about the artist in her own words - English is of course her second language. 

My name is Tais Nonato I live in São Paulo - Brazil. I'm currently studying Design of Animation at College.

I've always been involved in design, I used to make banners and others design stuffs since I was 8, and I discovered that I had drawings abilities so I started making outlines on my phone.

I never tried to make another type of art because I liked how simple it was, clean and I love to make the hair lines.

I have many inspirations but I prefer to continue with my own style and see how is gonna be my development.

Califari is excited to see more work from Tais in the future! In the mean time enjoy the bold and beautiful line work - that seems to be the signature of this blossoming artist! 

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