Zoom Cherry Lime Pop
Zoom Cherry Lime Pop

Cherry Lime Pop


Cherry Lime Pop is know for it’s cherry lime flavor and a happy upbeat high that is a perfectly balanced hybrid that is equal parts sativa and indica. It is truly the best of both worlds in one tasty flower treat. These tasty nuggets are the result of a cross between Cherry Pie x Black Lime Reserve, so it is no surprise that the terpenes take you straight to the fruit stand of your mind.

Artist C.S. Murphy has clearly been hanging out at the fruit stand of his mind turning out cosmic three dimensional imagery on a daily basis.  CS is now a Califari Veteran Artist having created four designs for us, as well as, some incredible live painting and virtual reality work too.  C. S. is always expanding his reach with super dope and seemingly futuristic technology that he has been an early adopter of.

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