Zoom Extreme OG 13 x 19 Lithograph Print
Zoom Extreme OG 13 x 19 Lithograph Print

Extreme OG 13 x 19 Lithograph Print


Extreme OG or simply Extreme is known for its Extremely High THC count, which hits about 26-30% on average. This mountain lion of a strain has hard-hitting effects that smash into both mind and body with brute force.This indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain crated through crossing the powerhouse Fire OG and Green Ribbon strains.  Extreme OG maintains the heady Green Crack effects of its Green Ribbon parent, with a rushing cerebral onset that leaves you alert and focused minutes after toking.

Extreme OG Art comes blazing to us from artist Nemo Noai. Nemo is the child of a militant atheist feminist and a conservative mormon cattle rancher, Nemo was born in Wyoming and grew up being flown between two families and moving around the country frequently. He began to draw at an early age and it became the only constant in his life. After graduating high school he spent a year as a cultural ambassador for the Rotary Club in Japan, returning to attend college and earn a fine arts degree. After graduating, he painted traditionally while pursuing a number of careers before abandoning corporate America, selling everything he owned, and accidentally moving to Mexico where he was given peyote by the Huicholes. The combination of the sacred plant and the minimalist lifestyle he was living at the time proved to be a powerful catalyst and marked a severe shift in how he viewed his work. 

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