Zoom GMO 13 x19 Lithograph Poster
Zoom GMO 13 x19 Lithograph Poster

GMO 13 x19 Lithograph Poster


GMO what does it stand fo? This is a great question that many cannabis lovers need to know! Is this weed genetically modified or perhaps does it carry the same terpenes as Garlic, Mushrooms and Onions? There’s only one true way to find out - get yourself some GMO and try it!  You can't go wrong with this mighty cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Chem Dawg - two of the most popular strains of all time are ready to modify your mind with one new powerful strain!

Artist CS Murphy flips the meanings with his interplanetary version of GMO that falls in line with all his other worldly entries that include GG#4, Tangie, Moon Rocks and Monster OG!

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