Zoom Green Lantern 18 x 24 Screen Print

Green Lantern 18 x 24 Screen Print


Green Lantern is a truly boutique strain handcrafted in the hills of northern Mendocino and southern Humboldt Counties. Green Lantern’s resin content and floral overtones bring out the best qualities and flavor profile that helped it win The Emerald Cup’s Best Sun Grown Flower Trophy.  A recent batch just tested at a whopping 36% Cannabanoids and 30.8% THC = a powerful sativa indeed! 

It’s extremely gassy with the dominant smell of Sour Diesel backed up with the power of the strongest O.G.’s. The Lantern is a stand out strain that is rumored to have come from one lone magical seed at the bottom of a bag - just like that the genie had escaped from the bottle and was passed from one master to another, adding even more mystery to this Emerald Triangle Legend. 

Lantern Farms is located at 2420 feet in elevation in the hills of Mendocino. Watered with fresh spring water and fed only with the best organic nutrients, this farm produces some of the richest aromatic flavorful flowers in the Emerald Triangle.

This amazing depiction of Green Lantern art came from Matt Leunig who brings us this magical Genie in a Lantern depiction that instantly pulls your gaze into happy submission.  None of us could have predicted how timely this mask wearing Genie would be - now that were all wearing masks around town for 2020.  This print certainly does justice to the immense power that this that this sativa will wield over all comers! It is one of the new forces to behold in the sea of genes. 

This is Matt Leunig's third installment for Califari having also created Sour Diesel and Blueberry art for us that have become staple designs for the Califari collectors out there!  We're launching Green Lantern with another limited edition screen print run.  Our previous run of Blueberry is completely sold out so now only lithograph Blueberry prints are available. 

Early on, Matt Leunig’s artwork consisted mostly of screen printed gig posters for touring bands and comic books but has since grown into all fields of illustration. His work has appeared in numerous publications, video games, music videos, art galleries, etc.

After a transient childhood overseas growing up in the Middle East, Leunig landed in the Bay Area and spent 10 years working in the video game industry and other jobs. Scraped Knee became a full time studio in 2010 & with the freedom of working from anywhere came the ability to uproot and travel whenever needed or wanted. After a brief 3 year stint in India, Atlanta & Washington DC the studio couldn’t help itself and had to return back to the Bay Area.

The Green Lantern strain is intense to say the least and its high levels of THC make it smoking it literally playing with fire.  If you smoke a little you may experience intense focus and extreme creative precision - ideal for ADD, but if you smoke to much the genie flies out of the bottle and you may be over come with a cerebral swirl more ideal for loud music, free form thinking and nimbus clouds. 


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