Zoom Ice Cream Cake
Zoom Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake


The Cookie strains have now been around long enough to sire numerous off shoots resulting in our new CAKE CRAZE!!! The latest and greatest cake outta the oven has got to be the cool sweet Ice Cream Cake which is an indica dominant hyrbrid thats a tasty cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato of course. Finally a strain name that makes perfect sense and it tastes great with smooth kind creamy notes mixed with a certain nutty goodness.  Too much Ice Cream Cake will give you a nice food-coma meets couch lock relaxation effect. Sweet Indica indeed! 

Califari tapped "Nate Moon" to make our poster magic happen this time! 

Nate Gonzalez (aka NateMoonLife) is the Los Angeles based, digital grahic wizard, ink slingin' screen printer, music poster artist and clothing space cadet (The Moon Life). Highly inspired by music, Nate uses stems from the psychedelic era, mid-century design, pop art, movie posters etc and mixes them with elements of DIY aesthetic associated with the underground counterculture movement to create a style that reflects a retro aesthetic in a new way.

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