Zoom Lantz 13 x 19 Poster
Zoom Lantz 13 x 19 Poster

Lantz 13 x 19 Poster


In a collaboration with Ridgeline Farms, we celebrate the new strain LANTZ - an incredible cross of the mighty Green Lantern and the ever famous Runtz Strain - these genetic are ready to  make your day better! 

This relatively new strain has already won awards at The Emerald Cup and the CA State Canna Awards and is quickly making a name for itself among Nor Cal Cannabis Cannasieurs. 

Califari pulled out all the stops for this one when they tracked down award winning artist from Argentina Nico Rosenfeld, an artist who truely knows how to capture the human spirits of modern shamans and visionaries. With the Lantz design Nico takes the plants parent Green Lantern and shows us its transformation into Lantz right before our eyes.  

Califari is thrilled to bring you this  magical vision! Have a fantastic day or night! 

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