Zoom Pancakes By Jesse "Nemo" Pruett
Zoom Pancakes By Jesse "Nemo" Pruett

Pancakes By Jesse "Nemo" Pruett


Another cookie falls off the long and growing tree of cookies and cake strains - this stems from a joint project between Cookies and Seed Junky Genetics - well known for previous instant Hits like Animal Cookies and Wedding Cake.  So its no surprise that Pancakes keeps their fire line of genetics as hot as ever!

Artist Jesse “Nemo” Pruett brings the heat with his Pancakes tribute to Firefighters!  Nemo He holds a BFA from UC Davis, as well as an insatiable lust for challenge and opportunity. He is an illustrator born in Sundance, Wyoming who grew up traveling the US, making his way overseas to live in Japan and Mexico. After living in the Bay Area he transplanted with his partner to Minnesota where he believes “Art is the way that I make myself into a better person. I make art to serve others' needs without the attachments or trappings of personal fame.”


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