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Pink Lemonade


Pink Lemonade By Sam Chivers

Artist Sam Chivers work naturally veers towards that blurry border point between science and nature, which makes his style ideal for cannabis strains. Sam’s work is influenced by the British countryside where he lives, and enjoys a tendency to fictionalize his environment through drawing.

We can relate! Califari is thrilled to have Sam fictionalize our vision of the mighty strain Pink Lemonade, which has been made famous by the genius growers at Tar Hill Farms, who introduced this strain and won all the accolades for it at the 2018 Emerald Cup.

Pink Lemonade is a tart sativa-dominant hybrid that adheres to its namesake in flavor and smell. This strain smells of fruity, mentholated tea and screams tart lemons and grapefruit on the exhale. This strain’s leaves turn bright pink and then bloom with phenomenal buds coated in a generous layer of trichomes. This all-day strain is ideal for consumers seeking a functional option to take the edge off repetitive tasks, stress, and depression.  

Someday.... And we can't say exactly when... Califari will be releasing Pink Lemonade, a strain that has been playing hard to get for quite sometime now because when you are the belle of the ball everyone can just get in line and wait.


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