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The strain RUNTZ has been trending up for some time now!  For various legal and creative reasons we decided to brand em as rRUNTZz - so we could freely celebrate this powerful hybrid of Gelato and Zkittles.  Yes it is as fruity and delicious as its name and lineage might imply - delivering tangy goodness with a menage of tropical fruit flavors dropping hints of pineapple and sour berries galore.  rRUNTZz is also known for its heavy packing THC percentages that can even turn a cagey cannabis vet into couch locked lounge lizard.

Once Califari decided it was time to do Runtz there was really only one artist we could consider and his name is Harry Pack.  We had been following Harry’s work for awhile and waiting for the right title to properly click with his version of psychedelia that unveils a playful scope of complexity.

Harry Pack explains his art like this;

My artwork is an ongoing exploration into another dreamlike dimension, full of things moving and growing, smiling and laughing, weird creatures flying, expanding wormholes and extraterrestrial entities, everything is odd and inquisitive and seems strangely recognizable. I take inspiration from a wide variety of sources, books I read, plants I see, nature in general, conversations with peculiar people, the strange occurrences life throws my way… which I then project and present in my own style of psychedelia… I would like to think my work is creating me and I hope it inspires you.”

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