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Blue Yeti


Dimitri Drjuchin is an artist/musician who was born in Moscow, but grew up making images and sounds in New York City.  We were fortunate to receive three colorful and comical works of art from Dima for our Califari Strain Art Series! 

The Blue Yeti is certainly a fun addition to our series and certainly the most rare and hard to find of all the strains that have been highlighted in the series so far.  

“My work channels different points of reference from my Russian background, to pop culture, to comic books, to fine art, to spirituality, to the occult. I can’t truly say that it’s a commentary on anything, because I am not interested in judging anyone or any thing. I believe it’s more of a reflection of multiple influences that get filtered through my mind and come back out all at once on my canvas redefined to my own liking. That said, I also try not to take anything too seriously and on some level I believe I still paint in a similar mind set I did as a child scribbling on a piece of paper. Most of my ideas are on the spot and I let how I’m feeling at that moment guide me to what happens next in the piece. I think ultimately I’m just trying to entertain myself.”   – Dima

As mentioned, Blue Yeti is the rarest of the strains depicted in this series and so far only known to be grown by Jason McHugh’s, Uncle Wayne, way up in the mountains, somewhere near Laytonville, California. 

Like most Sasquatch it is hard to find, but it is an expressive Blue Dream Sativa dominant hybrid that loves to roam wild in the hills, just like so many of the crazy characters that sprout from the brain of Dimitri Druchin. 

Sativa dominant hybrids tend to give you that amazing cerebral high with a relaxing body effect.  If you’re seeking physical and mental relief, this is your jam.  The Blue Yeti beckons you to rediscover mirth and childhood fantasy run amuck!

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