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The G-13 cannabis strain could be either an Indica or a Sativa depending on who you talk to, and that is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as could-be’s and what-if’s concerning this legendary strain. 

This strain’s history is full of mystery and intrigue.  G-13 is without a doubt the subject of many urban and cannabis legends.  According to some accounts, the CIA, FBI, and other agencies gathered the best strains of marijuana from breeders all over the world. At a super-secret installation at the University of Mississippi, they bred many new super hybrids in the late 1960s. Allegedly, a single cutting of this plant was liberated by an unnamed technician and bred for the masses.

The whole G-13 is another great strain brought to us by HYT’s John Slade that actually depicts the above story if you look closely! 

H.Y.T. studio was established in 2009 as an avenue for the commercial work of artist and designer John Slade.  John enjoys creating bold, striking and conceptual graphics and illustrations.  Often, John works closely with fashion labels, providing graphics and illustrations for garment and accessory based applications which are distributed and sold globally.  He works across a variety of techniques for a broad range of clients.  John’s design’s and illustration’s have been printed in numerous publications, seen on multiple blogs, sold in shops all over the world and exhibited in London, Europe and Japan.

G-13 is widely known for its unique ability to provide full-body pain-relief with very little to no physical fatigue or feelings of heaviness.  Many say that it is great for treating chronic pain relief, lupus, inflammation, stomach issues, and general loss of appetite.  This strain will flower for 6 – 8 weeks and produces a reportedly high yield.  It is said that true G-13 is a rare find, as it is available as clone only.

If you happen to be on campus at The University of Mississippi, be sure to poke around as that is where the good old US Gov likes to grow its own weed! 

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