Zoom Gorilla Glue Strain Art
Zoom GG#4



GG#4 captured the attention of the Los Angeles based artist and illustrator extraordinaire, C.S. Murphy, best known for his cute cuddly, hairy and scary characters. His version of GG#4 will send you on a trip through the gorilla’s third eye to an inner or outer space - depending on how you look at it! 

CS Murphy truly blends his art with technology in numerous ways and creates many of his uniques characters and worlds in a completely 3-D Environment.  Upon an artist visit at CS's studio, he had us wearing VR Goggles and literally floating through space around the 30 foot virtual purple gorilla depicted in this poster.  It was staggering to see this creature in his natural habitat dominating our conscious.  Someday Califari hopes to be delivering all kinds of artistic experiences that powered by various tech apps. 

The cannabis strain GG#4 officially earned its place in cannabis history after winning the 2014 Michigan and Los Angeles Cannabis Cup competitions, as well as, the High Times Jamaican World Cup.

This gorilla themed strain name was coined by a grower named Mardog for its sticky-icky, resin-coated flowers that practically glue themselves to your finger tips! The effects are heavy yet relaxing and may leave you pleasantly "glued" to the couch.

The renowned strain was accidentally created in a garden owned by the famous breeder Josey Whales, when a Chem’s Sister plant hermaphroditically pollenated the Sour Dubb plant next to it.  This fortuitous mishap created a larger than life strain that has caught fire in the cannabis community. 

As far as Califari is concerned, GG#4 seemed like the 2017-2018 flavor of the year and perhaps the first strain to truly give Cookies its run for the money.  We were excited to discover CS Murphy and deliver his unique almost DMT inspired vision of this strain to the cannabis community. 


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