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Monster OG


Monster OG nugs are like neon green asteroids with sticky golden trichomes and a a sweet and spicy citrus earthy flavor.  So here at Califari, we knew we needed just the right kind of creature artist and now...  This strain has been masterfully depicted by the monstrous talents of CS Murphy, who conjures up the wild side of nightlife in nature!  

Apparently mad scientists from The Green Element concocted this heavy hitting hybrid strain that crosses a mysterious OG indica with OG Kush and SFV OG Kush to create a monster bud that is recommend for experienced vets who can handle its consistently super powerful 24-26% THC levels.

Monster OG is said to be the perfect bud for exorcizing beastly conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, chronic anxiety or stress, and depression. But your mind may wander like a werewolf during full moon, your body will be washed over with a heavy stone that pulls you into a deep casket of pure relief and ready for the big sleep. 

CS is known for his critter designs and odd sense of proportion and likes to describe his characters as a range from cute and cuddly to petter beware this one may bite...  Over the past year and a half, Mr Murphy has found a new passion for Virtual Reality Sculpting and look forward to being a part of this new art movement of Virtual and Mixed Reality. 

Califari looks forward to seeing CS  Murphy continue to pioneer virtual space and a time when we can all hang out with the literal 600 pound gorilla in the VR room. 

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