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Tahoe OG By Simon Haiduk

Tahoe OG is where the sun goes to set, where creatures terrestrial and aquatic celebrate the twilight with us. Strong and fast-acting, you may not want to use this strain if you’re planning to leave the house. Great for those suffering from insomnia, pain, or lack of appetite, Tahoe OG has made a name for itself among other indica strains. A top nighttime strain, it provides an extremely lazy, heavy body sensation.

The intriguing and dreamy style depicted here captures the richness, color and movement of a still forest scene straight from your dreams. Simon Haiduk's intra-dimensional design drops us straight into Lake Tahoe just in time for a perfect sunrise moment with the resident wild life ,whilst they have a moment of eye to eye contact, from air to water from deer eye to fish eye to your eye. We are all one for this perfect moment in time. 

Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Simon Haiduk developed a strong affinity to nature with artistic foundations in visual art and music. In 2004 he gravitated towards painting as a full time endeavor bringing his musical background into the visual realm. Simon has explored many visual mediums, including animation, often with a strong influence in spiritual themes connected to nature. Currently his primary medium is digital painting. He continues to also produce music, and has released four full length albums since 2002. Within art galleries, festivals, conventions, and online platforms, his work is exhibited globally. He currently works out of his studio in Gibsons, BC, while continuing to explore an ever expanding palette of creative endeavors.

“Inspiring my creative expression is the majesty of nature with the love and appreciation that all life comes from the same source. In my dedication to the creative process, I strive to find ways of producing art that inspires harmony between the Earth and its shared inhabitants. Our collective appreciation for nature is a bridge that unifies us all. Each creation reflects an aspect of my journey, thinning the veil between physical and metaphysical realities.” – Simon

This strain is most popular on the West Coast, in Colorado, and in Michigan. It's usually found in California, where it was initially bred near Lake Tahoe. 

Tahoe OG offers a powerful mix of heady sativa and body-oriented indica, with a 90:10 sativa/ indica ratio. The THC levels, which can top 20%, make this a particularly potent choice for those seeking stress reduction and mood boost. The high is predominantly relaxed, both in body and mind, but the sativa component adds a strong euphoria and feelings of happiness.

Strain Effects:

  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Hungry

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