Zoom WiFi OG 13 x 19 Poster
Zoom WiFi OG 13 x 19 Poster

WiFi OG 13 x 19 Poster


WiFI OG, also known as White Fire OG is a powerful and uplifting Sativa Hybrid bursting with Limonene and born from The White and Fire OG two powerful strains in their own right coming together to blast heavy vibes of connection through our happy hemisphere. It’s barrel like buds are usually covered with that morning frost of joy.  WiFi is a good daytime choice that will keep your firing away all day with out major buffering.

Its got lemon peppery scents and that kind of sativa satisfaction that is both less filling and tastes great at the same damn time.  This herb will lead you to cerebral levitation - like riding a mountain bike slightly down hill - you will pick up speed and feel a down wind at your back with out exerting yourself.  No quite weightless but waiting for nothing because you have it all.

Our Califari WIFi visuals are based on an original work by artist Seth McMahon who gives us some info about his background and inspiration: 

I have been creating art as long as I could hold a pencil. It is something that occurs naturally in me, the same way that birds fly and fish swim. As a young boy with an over active imagination, art was the best way that I could share myself with others. It made my world not seem so lonely and made my reality more palatable for understanding. Over time I have learned to communicate my dreams with refinement and clarity. The practice of creating art has paralleled my personal evolution. As I continue down the path, I am constantly refining that which I know and expanding upon that which I don’t. It has become a way of learning, growing and experiencing in this world.
I take influence from great artists both of my time and of the past. I have always had an appreciation for many different types of art. Abstract, visionary, tribal, conceptual, classical and urban are all styles that I have drawn from. Creating has always made me feel that I am a part of something greater than myself as an individual. It reminds me that I am directly partaking in evolution. Ever since the earliest cave paintings, our symbols have been evolving to accurately reflect our environment. Thus as an artist, I am a part of a long lineage of people who are guiding culture and common belief. I feel it is my duty as so to evolve the symbols of our current time to stand for beauty, truth, and positivity.

These works are intended to inspire. To give hope and light to those who receive it. They are my prayers to the world in which I live in.



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