Aliens on Moonshine Descends on America

Califari has been quite blessed to meet and work with many great artists from around the globe on our quest to create art for all cannabis strains.  One of the the first ones we have been blessed to work with on three designs so far is the mighty Dima Drjuchin. 

What a colorful, fun work of art Aliens on Moonshine is from Dima Drjuchin!  Dimitri Drjuchin is an artist/musician who was born in Moscow, but grew up making images and sounds in New York City.

“My work channels different points of reference from my Russian background, to pop culture, to comic books, to fine art, to spirituality, to the occult. I can’t truly say that it’s a commentary on anything, because I am not interested in judging anyone or any thing. I believe it’s more of a reflection of multiple influences that get filtered through my mind and come back out all at once on my canvas redefined to my own liking. That said, I also try not to take anything too seriously and on some level I believe I still paint in a similar mind set I did as a child scribbling on a piece of paper. Most of my ideas are on the spot and I let how I’m feeling at that moment guide me to what happens next in the piece. I think ultimately I’m just trying to entertain myself.”

Aliens on Moonshine is a unique and quite medicinal strain that has higher CBD levels than a lot of strains out there.  It is an Indica heavy hybrid that gives a nice body high and feelings of relaxation, as well as offering pain relief.  This strain is a flagship from Sin City Seeds.  AOM was bred by crossing the potent and pungent Sour Alien and the White Moonshine, a classic and super-heavy resin producer.

Gorgeous medium size, moderately dense buds that have some decent frost much more noticeable under the magnifying glass at some secret lab in Area 54.  Without it all you see is the dark green buds with the frosty orange hairs here and there.  This plant is a high yielder with flowering time at 8-9 weeks.

The spicy citrus flavor is a fav among many!

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