Bob Frum Jamaica

Bob Frum Jamaica refers to the notion that Bob Marley was "John Frum" Jamaica who went to California!

Califari's beliefs have stemmed in a way that can be compared to the story of “John Frum," who visited the Vanuatu Islands during the 1950’s and in doing so permanently changed the lives and beliefs of native islanders after what was an American military invasion. "John Frum" was how the natives referred to the members of the American Army, who had temporarily taken over the Vanuatu Islands in order to set up a Military Base.  When US Military Operation was complete and the soldiers left the island the natives could no longer go back to their past ways of thinking once they had encountered new technology and ideals.

More can be read here: The Legend of John Frum

In the 1960’s and 70’s Bob Marley from Jamaica (Bob Frum) came to “Babylon” and brought the ideals of Rastafari through his ever loving and ever lasting music and dropped it on the youth of America with great impact.

Califari is influenced by our interpretations of Rastafari as told through reggae lyrics, legends and beliefs through the lens of our California perspective, that has been hybrid with other influences from the highest level western philosophers, modern and ancient teachings and poetry, as well as, general healthy living practices.

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