Counting Down to Reggae on The River 2016

Califari is excited to be counting down to Reggae on The River 2016!  Our company was basically conceived at this event so it makes sense that we are back to debut our booth, which will be full of our wares and art works!  To celebrate our road back to the Eel River, we are busting out some old video gems from many years ago at the river!  We went deep back in 2002 with The Ghetto Youth Crew featuring; Ky Mani Marley, Julian Marley, Stephen Marley and of course Jr. Gong Marley!  That's a lot of Marley's and they were young and on fire and all on the same stage.  All these years later they have each broken out to huge solo careers and of course Jr Gong pulled down a Grammy and big ratings for his Welcome to JamRock...  Well this was way before that!!!  And amazing U Nah Mean?  Look for more Reggae on the River gems coming soon!


Ghetto Youth Crew live at Reggae on the River from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.

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