Locking Heirloom Stash Box!


If you love fine craftsmanship and fine cannabis, we now have Califari branded heirloom locking stash boxes available! These boxes were designed for the High Roller, who likes to roll their smoke and keep it safely locked away in style! When we say its a Califari branded box, we literally mean branded, as in heat branded iron on wood! Califari worked with expert craftsman Mike True to create these boxes, which started with burning the Califari King Rasta Bear logo into hard wood!



Califari Locking Stash Box


These hand made boxes were built with lift out trays that make an ideal rolling surface. There is something about rolling Cannabis on top of a piece of fancy wood that makes everything feel just right in life. If you are a committed roller, its time to do yourself a favor and get a sexy stash box, where you can centralize your goods and keep them under a lock and key! Attention stoney parents: Do your family a favor and lock up your goods! The Cannabis world is growing up and you should too with a mature person's fancy heirloom locking stash box!

Locking Heirloom Stash Box in Cherry & Maple

Locking Heirloom Stash Box in Walnut & Light Wood

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