Juan Love! One Heart! Happy Cinco De Mayo

Juan Love! One Heart!  Cinco De Mayo has been mostly championed by Mexican and American Beer Companies since the 1970's, who had to allow Cuervo Tequila to come to the party in the 1980's and continue the marketing blitz!  We now look forward to Cannabis companies to steer this spring celebration in new directions! Cinco De Mayo, however, is not just a Mexican St. Patty's Day! Let's not forget what its all about in the first place = Freedom!  When the Mexican Army defended Mexico City from Napoleon III's French Army - it was a key victory as France was invading in support of The slave owning southern Confederacy during the American Civil War.  This victory emboldened Mexican and American troops and patriotic organizations fighting for freedom throughout the South West and California.  These factions played a key part in the eventual victory for the Union Army, which paved the way for freedom for all in our democratic state.  This of course has led to more and more civil rights for all peoples in our great continent.  We need to remind ourselves to stay the course and let freedom continue to ring forth into the future! Juan Love! One Heart!

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