Let's Thank Burton Eubank!

Meet our friend, Burton Eubank, a devoted father and a California Firefighter, who is Captain of the Inverness, California Fire Department in Point Reyes California. When he is not out there helping to save lives, he is a school teacher, soccer coach, musician and a trail builder. Burton lives by one simple philosophy, "The best thing someone can do with their lives is to be of service to their community." Burton rides his bike everywhere he goes so that he leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. Clearly, Burton has the most positive way at looking at life, which we aim to learn from! Positivity attracts positivity, which emits from Burton on a daily basis! In fact here is a quote from one of Burton's recent Facebook postings: "has discovered that when not involved in the Rat Race, every day is a great day (Yes, even Mondays)! When work is available, I am happy to go do it. Mostly, it helps to do the kind of work that inspires you. Live with passion."


Here is a moment in time from his life in Northern California!


Let's THANK BURTON EUBANK! from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.


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