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    "California Dreaming"

    "California Dreaming"
    Robert Peterson gives us some deep Califari insight to the history of how the concept of "California Dreaming" has existed for 100s of years.  This story shows how mythology and legends intertwined with politics and culture shaped the future for this place on Earth that was once called Califia and was run by beautiful black man eating women! ....

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    Stephen and Ziggy Marley Live at Reggae on The River 1999

    Stephen and Ziggy Marley Live at Reggae on The River 1999

    Here is a moment in time with Stephen and Ziggy Marley live at Reggae on the River 1999.  This is our second way back installment with Ziggy who led the way for Marley Brother take over of the aught years!  The Millenial Marley's are now here in force!  We are looking forward to discovering all kind of new talent at this years ROTR just like we did back in the 90's!

    Stephen & Ziggy Marley Live at Reggae on the River Part 2 from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.

    Counting Down to Reggae on The River 2016

    Counting Down to Reggae on The River 2016

    Califari is excited to be counting down to Reggae on The River 2016!  Our company was basically conceived at this event so it makes sense that we are back to debut our booth, which will be full of our wares and art works!  To celebrate our road back to the Eel River, we are busting out some old video gems from many years ago at the river!  We went deep back in 2002 with The Ghetto Youth Crew featuring; Ky Mani Marley, Julian Marley, Stephen Marley and of course Jr. Gong Marley!  That's a lot of Marley's and they were young and on fire and all on the same stage.  All these years later they have each broken out to huge solo careers and of course Jr Gong pulled down a Grammy and big ratings for his Welcome to JamRock...  Well this was way before that!!!  And amazing U Nah Mean?  Look for more Reggae on the River gems coming soon!


    Ghetto Youth Crew live at Reggae on the River from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.

    Julz Lynn - Califari Soul Skater

    Julz Lynn - Califari Soul Skater

    CALIFARI interview with Julz Lynn from Jason McHugh on Vimeo.


    Julz Lynn is the quintessential Califari Soul Skater and we were excited to spend a day with her poolside... Of course this pool was empty and fully occupied by Julz and a posse of skater bros.  Julz has been accused of skating like a guy before because she has an aggressive take no prisoners approach to dropping into pools and riding along with the best of them! This was a typical day in the life of Cali Pool Skating!

    Besides being a great skater and Freestyler, Julz is also a cannabis lover and spiritual seeker!  She also has some deep creative visions, which were quite apparent when you hear her describe the new deck she designed:

    I was in the parking lot of the skate park thinking about a lot of different things. I started meditating and this vision came to mind of smoke around a full moon and the smoke turned to green. There were crows circling around the full moon. A pin up girl with tattoos and a lock around her neck, I had seen Steve Alba wear a similar one actually. She had a white tiger coming out of her, teeth showing fierce with aggression. The white tiger slashed my name across the tail and flames then exploded behind tiger’s strong arm. I was thinking black and white between the pin up girl and the tiger because of the balance/ yin n yang they have. The white tiger and crows are also my spirit totem animals. The outsides have the Red Green Gold color patterns in the smoke and ad dimension in the background. I drew up a rough draft in a sketch book I had and brought it into the office at Pink Widow Distribution. I put my drawings and visions together into words and the artist Kenny McB took what I had to create something. I took a little bit and only a couple corrections and finally we had the graphic in digital form to have boards made. It is very exciting to have a pro model with Silly Girl Skateboards because not many females have their own board model and it is the first professional model board Silly Girl has put out.

    If you want to hear more from Julz check of this dynamic interview that can be enjoyed here:  Julz Full Interview

    Please enjoy and share!